Monday, January 17, 2011

His "Boops" and Ninja turtle underware

I just had to take a picture. As you can see I snapped a quick pic. I was denied when asked to take a picture. Then the tantrum started. So I snapped another one. Lol. He just looked too cute walking around in his BOOPS and underware.

Jaxson and I had a sleep over at Kiah's and he really wanted to sleep in her princess tent.

Grandma Lori teaching Jaxson what her boy's did in the tub at his age. I guess it requires a straw and some air.

More pictures of Blake and Mindi's new baby Deron

He was born in April 2010

Finally a Dellinger Cousin

Blake and Mindi's little Deron. He is such a good baby. These are some pictures of his little club foot, which is all better now.

Every Easter we do brunch and egg hunting at my house.

This is all of Jaxsons Cousins on the Evans side. They all just love eachother. Aunt teri buys them all sunglasse every year.

Easter at my House

Right in the middle of a sneeze had to put that one in.

Getting ready for the BUNNY Easter 2010

Jaxson patiently waiting for baby brother!

Come find me